Templates and document portal

The Workbench offers all users a central access point for document generation and processing. Interfaces based on various technologies are available for integration between the Workbench and your specialist applications. The Workbench can as such be started in a stand-alone or integrated mode.  In the case of the latter, diverse control parameters can be sent from your specialist applications in the form of an XML data stream to perform targeted functions in the document generation process.


The Workbench also offers multiple views for users. Content-driven hierarchical structuring of document templates allows the creation of a document to be quickly and accurately initiated with a corresponding template. In addition, users are offered views and lists which allow temporarily saved or completed documents to be located efficiently.


  • A central access point for template selection and document administration
  • Accessible in stand-alone or integrated mode
  • Integration with specialist applications via diverse interfaces with different technologies (NET, JAVA, SAP)
  • Transfer of control parameters as XML
  • Content-based and hierarchical document template organisation
  • Document search, customise trace and administration
  • Interface to post processing (output management)


Additional data enhancement

The variable manager also featured in the Workbench allows different control parameters to be assigned in advance, including variable content, depending on the user. The control parameters can therefore assist in the performing of specific functions in the document generation process. By contrast, variable content is recalled when the automatic population of placeholders is required in documents.

The Workbench can therefore be viewed as the central access point. However, the actual generation or processing of a document is performed in the Composer. Here the Workbench enhances the XML data stream with control information and data before it is transferred to the Composer.