More than just Word

There must be very few companies which do not use some kind of technology to integrate Office products into their business processes. However, this integration is implemented to a greater or lesser extent depending on companies and processes.

There often exists the desire to make generated documents and content centrally available to others in the company. The generated documents and content should however still be connected to central long-term archiving.


Office migration

Office Add-Ins are a well-regarded and widespread option for the integration of Office products into company processes. However, these are often employed as document or application Add-Ins. Whether implemented as classic Macros or COM/VSTO Add-Ins, these are always subject to a degree of uncertainty as to whether they will function properly with each new Office release. With Office 2013 and cloud-based solutions, a third implementation variant has arrived. Office Web Apps (OWA)


Technology consultancy

Once this question has been answered, another immediately arises. For how long will these tools still be supported? To what extent can investments be transferred to new cutting edge platforms? We will gladly make our know-how available to you as well as supporting and advising when it comes to questions of future-safe technology decisions.