Application life-cycle

We take pride in offering the benefit of our extensive experience and competence in the holistic application life-cycle when implementing individual system solutions. Upon request we will accompany our customers in their implementation of business applications from idea to operation.


.NET technologies

We will support you in the development and implementation of professional desktop and portal applications. We set great store in .NET technologies in combination with different databases and XML-based content in both client and server contexts. In line with your requirements we are glad to handle internal coaching, project management and implementation.


Visual Basic 6.0 (VB6)

Do you employ VB6 (Visual Basic 6) applications? If so, then you are one of very many companies. Are you considering migrating the applications in the foreseeable future? Then you are still one of this large group of companies.

True, we certainly don't have the patented solution, but we have collected a great deal of experience in the migration of both small tools and major integrated systems from VB6 to .NET.